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Compact Discs of public domain Violin and Viola SHEET MUSIC available here for under $10.00:

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April 27, 2012:  "VIOLIN SHEET MUSIC CD II 7000 pages". LIST OF THE CONTENTS of this cd.  Some highlights:  All 3 volumes of Flesch's collections of etudes--142 in all.--My own scans--[These are pd in the USA, and, if not already, will be pd in Europe in January of 2015.]  41 pieces by Cecil Burleigh, 9 pieces by Sibelius, 6 by Foote, etc.  The Brahms-Joachim Hungarian Dances.  36 Lieder ohne Worte by Mendelssohn, arr by Hermann--My own scans--.  Wier's 17 "Most popular new violin solos".  A large number of violin duos, and duos for violin and cello.  Cleaned early-edition parts for 10 trios (with obbligato cello, not basso continuo) by Abel and Gyrowetz.  My typeset of Mozart's cello-bassoon duet, with transpositions for viola and cello, and violin and viola.  200 or more violin-piano pieces.  Sample pages.

May 11, 2010:  "VIOLA SHEET MUSIC CD II 5000 pages". LIST OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS CD.The cd contains a huge collection of music by lesser-known as well as well-known composers, much of it in the form of first/early editions, professional copies and even autograph MS. The violist Carlo Barato provided many of the source scans at IMSLP. His paper originals were often many decades--or centuries--old, which made cleaning the images very time-consuming, even with the aid of software (Gimp, Kodak Imaging, Adobe Photoshop). (Concerning the minority of pieces with clean images that were created by others, almost all of them have been improved by me in some way with regard to size, page-turns or in making them suitable for letter-size duplex printing.) View (about a 3 mb file) a sampling of pages on the cd that includes 3 pages BEFORE cleaning.  A new piece added on May 19, 2010:

August 22, 2008"VIOLA SHEET MUSIC CD I 6600 pages".   GO HERE FOR A LIST OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS CD (look at folder 9 for two trios by one "Gabrielli, L", a composer unknown to Baker's Dictionaries, but see . I found them at the University of Virginia library).  Samples are here.  A list of my own arrangements and 'publications' is here.

August 18, 2007:  "VIOLIN SHEET MUSIC CD I 4000 pages", which contains the public domain sheet music for over 600 pieces--4000 pages conservatively estimated--for violin or playable by violin alone or in combination with other strings and/or piano, including published collections, sonatas, concertos, and duos & trios using violin (no quartets). GO HERE FOR A LIST OF THE CONTENTS OF  "VIOLIN SHEET MUSIC CD I" My (i.e., John D. Howard's) cd presents a great many shorter pieces suitable for the early 'grades' as well as the work of famous composers, arrangers and violinists like Cui, Elman, (for Kreisler, see my Kreisler sheet music cd on ebay), Lehmann, F. David, Ysaye, Vivaldi, etc.  It also includes many pieces previously unavailable, such as the TOMASINI (Haydn's concertmaster) Duo Concertante in Eb for 2 vns.  Priority for inclusion was given to material not available elsewhere, such as on the "CD Sheet Music Series".  The cd is the result of scanning, processing and collecting by me since the year 2000. FOR SAMPLE PAGES GO HERE AND HERE. The sources for the above cd include:  items from my library; items from many other libraries, including interlibrary loan; items from colleagues;  and items downloaded from several sites, including the Library of Congress, Creative Commons sources, Mutopia, Werner Icking, but most importantly the University of Rochester's Sibley Library at .  (With one or two exceptions, every page from the Rochester/Sibley Library files was reworked.)  A disadvantage with the Mutopia and Icking offerings is the often poor layout resulting in very inconvenient page turns.

December 2005: "KREISLER SHEET MUSIC CD", which contains the printable image files of 91 pieces, most for violin & piano (with eight of these transcribed for cello & piano);  some pieces utilizing voice or piano; two pieces for piano; the 1919 musical "Apple Blossoms";  and the 4 parts for the String Quartet in a minor--all by beloved violinist Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962).  All pieces come with all "parts", i.e., violin parts, piano parts, etc.--just as they were originally published.  (As is usual, a vocalist would find the vocal part in the score also used by the pianist--simply print one copy of the piano score for each participant, as desired.) The result is many hundreds of pages of 8 1/2 X 11 sheet music scanned at 300 dpi and presented both as .PDF files and as .TIF files (some .tif files are zipped).  All pages of music are "clean", with very few extraneous markings, and are suitable for duplex (2-sided) printing.  All music pages are in the public domain.  Alphabetical listing of the CD's contents.  Detailed information on the research involved.

The KREISLER CD includes these book-size items:

1] KREISLER-JACOBI  Apple Blossoms --an operetta piano-vocal score--163 pages 
Music by Fritz Kreisler and Victor Jacobi.  Book and lyrics by William LeBaron.
Published in 1920, Apple Blossoms was first staged on Broadway in 1919,
including among the cast Adele Astaire, Fred Astaire, and John Charles Thomas.

Four Weeks in the Trenches--The War Story of a Violinist 
1914 (a Project Gutenberg ebook included at no charge)

Violin Teaching and Violin Study--Rules and Hints--for Teachers
and Students
--with a preface by Fritz Kreisler.  150 pages.  New York: Fischer, 1919

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