The Music Society
of Orange County, Virginia
The Hamilton Trio
at Frascati, the home of Mrs. John -------
Sunday,  October 16,  2005, 4:30 p.m.

Louise Fenn Howard, flute
John Howard, violin
Elizabeth Kellogg, violoncello

Trio Sonata in G Major BWV 1038  for Fl, Vn, Cello/bc*                                    Johann Sebastian Bach
Largo                                                                                                                       (1685 – 1750)

Norwegian Dance                                   Edvard Grieg
Norwegian Wedding Dance                    Johann August Södermann
Humoreske Op. 101                        Antonin Dvorak

Duo in C-Major K.46e for Violin and Cello (“Basso”)* (1768)                W. A. Mozart
Allegro                                                                                                     (1756-1791)
Menuets I & II

Trio in C Major Op. 87  for Two Oboes and English Horn*                    Ludwig van Beethoven
Allegro                                                                                                          (1770 – 1827)
Menuetto (Scherzando)-Trio-Menuetto-Coda
Finale.  Presto

*Original instrumentation shown.

    In the 1790's, the young Beethoven was making a name for himself in Vienna, Austria as piano virtuoso, improviser, and composer.

His self-training involved writing many trios (culminating in string trios) before going on to write in the more difficult string quartet medium, a medium which he was to enrich with 14 glorious quartets and the “Great Fugue.”
    In 1793 a composer named Wendt had achieved success in Vienna with a trio for the original combination of two oboes and English horn.  The following year Beethoven chose to honor – and outdo Wendt by writing, for the same combination of instruments, two works, namely his Op. 87 and the Trio WoO 28 (the latter a set of variations on Mozart's immortal song "La ci darem la mano," from Don Giovanni).  
--Beethoven thought highly enough of his Op. 87 trio to give it an opus number, in contrast to the Trio WoO 28--Work without Opus, number 28.  (The Op. 87 presented this afternoon is transcribed and lightly arranged by John Howard.)