A partial list of editions of music--most for violin & piano--composed, arranged, transcribed or edited by Fritz Kreisler (1875 - 1962) that were published before 1923 in the United States and which are therefore in the public domain in the United States, based upon a search of copyright records in the U. S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.  

 More than 90 pieces, each identified below by a single asterisk (in a few cases, there are two different titles for the same piece, both being asterisked) are available on a CD compiled by, and available from, John D. Howard.  Besides music for violin and piano, the CD includes also 8 transcriptions for CELLO and piano;  a number of songs for high voice, (violin) and piano;   the 4 string parts for Kreisler's STRING QUARTET, the score to APPLE BLOSSOMS, and two books.

The listing is by TITLE, and are for violin and piano unless shown otherwise.

*Allegretto (Boccherini)   1910    
*Allegretto in G minor (Porpora)    1913
Andante cantabile   Tchaikovsky (from his string quartet)
*Andantino (Martini)        1910
*Apple Blossoms  (musical by Kreisler and Jacobi with lyrics by William LeBaron)    New York: 1920    
*Aubade Provençale  (Couperin)        1911    
*Aucussin and Nicolette (Medieval Canzonetta)       1917    (From collection of four 'simplified' pieces)            
*Austrian Folksongs       1915-22  (Schott?)     M223  .k
     **Austrian Imperial Hymn       *Viennese Melody (Gärtner)--NB: Revised edition 25Jun49
    *Viennese popular song (The Old Refrain) (Kreisler)        *Paradise--Viennese Folksong (Krakauer)
*Ballet Music from "Rosamunde"  (Schubert)  
*Berceuse Romantique    1916 C Fi
CADENZAS to concertos (none may be in the public domain--listed here for their importance)
    ***3 to Beethoven Op. 61
    ***1 to Brahms Op. 77
    ***3 to Mozart #3 in G
    ***3 to Mozart #4 in D
    ***3 to Mozart #5 in A
    ***1 to Mozart (sic) #6 in Bb
*Caprice in A Minor  (Wieniawski)   1913
*Caprice in Eb Major  (Wieniawski)   1913
*Caprice No. 13 (Paganini)   
*Caprice No. 20 (Paganini)   
*Caprice No. 24 (Paganini)   
*Caprice Viennois  op. 2       1910  
*Caprice Viennois simplified ed.        1917   (From collection of four 'simplified' pieces)
**Chanson Arabe  (Rimsky-Korsakov)
*Chanson Indoue  (Rimsky-Korsakov)      1919
*Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane (Couperin)        1910   
*Chasse, La  (Cartier)     1911 C Fi     1911  Schott
Clochette, La   op. 7 (Paganini)        1905 Ernst Eulenberg         M221  .P28k8   Op. 7
**CONCERTO in One Movement  (Paganini, Op. 6)  Revised by Fritz Kreisler
**CONCERTO (Tchaikovsky, Op. 35) Revised by Fritz Kreisler
**CONCERTO in C Major in the style of Vivaldi by Fritz Kreisler
*'Cradle Song' for high voice & pf  (based on K's Caprice Viennois) from 'Two Songs'   1915
*Danse Espagnole (de Falla)      1913   Max Eschig
*Danse Orientale   (Rimsky-Korsakov)    1922
***Devil's Trill Sonata (Tartini)   see Trille du diable, Le
***Fantasie on Russian Themes  (Rimsky-Korsakov)
*Farewell to Cucullain (Londonderry Air)      1917    *1922
* Four Weeks in the Trenches--The War Story of a Violinist  by Fritz Kreisler 1914  Project Gutenberg ebook (not scanned by JDH)
**Fugue in A dur (Tartini)      30Sep[19]19
*Gavotte in E  (J. S. Bach) with pf part       30Sep19
***Gitana, La  (Arabo-Gypsy)       22Jan18     (NB 1928 edition of Foley "Revised and as played by the composer")
*Grave  (W. F. Bach)    3Oct11   Schott.
***Gypsy Caprice
*Habanera  (Ravel)    1908, Durand
*Hindoo Chant  same as *Chanson Indoue
*Humoreske  by Dvorak        Simrock 1906
*Hungarian Dance No. 17 in f  Brahms  Simrock before 1923
***Hungarian Rondo  (Haydn)
*Hymn to the Sun by Rimsky-Korsakow        1919     8Dec19      M223   .R
**IL Palpiti  op. 13  by Paganini      1905 Ernst Eulenberg     M221  .p28k8   Op. 13
Indian Lament  (?)   3Nov20
*Indian Lament   same as   *Indianisches Lament     24Dec14  
*Indianisches Lament ( from Dvorak's Violin Sonata op. 100, 2nd mvt)   1914 Simrock        M223  .D
***Italian Polka
*Larghetto (Weber)          30Sep13
*Liebesfreud        1910     
*Liebesleid       1910      
*Lied ohne Worte (Mendelssohn)      30Sep13
*Londonderry Air  see  *Farewell to Cucullain
*Lotus Land    (Cyril Scott)            1922  Elkin & Co., Ltd              15May22   C Fi  
Malaguena  (Albeniz)
*Mazurka in a minor (Chopin, op. posthumous)    25Sep15   
Mazurka in A major, Chopin Op. 33 No. 2       pub. 1923
MEISTERWERKE DER VIOLINE (all with piano acc.)      1913 Schott    call no.-- M218  .k816
(English translation, in brief:)
    *Allegretto in G minor (Porpora)   *Caprice in Eb (Weniawski)   *Caprice in A minor (Weniawski)
    *Caprice No. 13 (Paganini)   *Caprice No. 20 (Paganini)   *Caprice No. 24 (Paganini)
    **Praeludium in E (J. S. Bach)   *Gavotte in E  (J. S. Bach)   *Tambourin (Leclair)
    *Tambourin (Rameau)   *Fugue in A dur (Tartini)   *Romanze (Schumann)   *Sarabande & Allegretto (Corelli)
     *Rondo (Mozart)   *Melodie (Gluck)   *Moment Musical (Schubert)   *Larghetto (Weber)   *Lied ohne Worte (Mendelssohn)
*Melodie (Gluck)    30Sep13
**Melody from Pan & Syrinx    31Dec17
**Menuet (Friedberg)            31Dec17
*Menuet (Paderewski)    31Dec17  [ see 'Paraphrase of Paderewski's Menuet' as this is called in the 1917 edition ]
*Menuett (Porpora)                1910  Schott       15Sep10 C Fi  
Midnight Bells  (Heuberger)
Molly on the Shore  (Grainger)
*Moment-Musical (Schubert)    30Sep13
*Moto Perpetuo ["Perpetual Motion", in Schirmer ed.]  Op. 11 by Paganini   1905 Ernst Eulenberg & G. Schirmer  M221   .P28K8    Op. 11   K.7     
*'Nobody Knows de Trouble I've Seen'  C. C. White   1918
*Nocturnal Tangier   from Triakontameron by Godowsky transcribed by Kreisler   1920  G. C. Schirmer
*Non piú mesta  (Paganini)     1905 Ernst Eulenberg      M221    .p28k8  op. 12
*"Oh cease thy Singing, Maiden Fair" for voice, violin, piano by Rachmaninoff   7Oct22    M1621.3 .R
*Old Refrain, The     19Apr15       NB:  Foley edition of 1958 "Revised by the Composer"
*Old Refrain arr for piano solo     1919
*Pale Moon F.K.Logan    1920
*Paradise  (Krakauer)      1922     27Mar22        30Sep13 (Schott?)
*Paraphrase of Paderewski's Menuet     1917 (see Menuet (Paderewski))
*Perpetual Motion  see Moto Perpetuo
*Piper o' Dundee--from Ballads from the Scotch Minstrelsy   for voice and piano arr by Kreisler    1917
*Polichinelle, Serenade        1917  
**Praeludium (or, Prelude) in E (J. S. Bach)   30Sep13
*Praeludium and Allegro       15Sep10  (NB revised edition of 3Apr67 renewed)
*Precieuse, La (Couperin)             15Sep10   1937
*Preghiera (Martini)        3Oct11    (NB revised edition of 16Apr40 renewed)
Prelude in G Minor  (Rachmaninoff)
*Quartet for strings in a minor by Fritz Kreisler  (violin I, violin II, viola, cello)        1921 Schott, Fischer
*Recitativo and Scherzo Caprice op. 6  for VIOLIN ALONE      3Oct11
Retrospection (from String Quartet, A Minor)
*Romance  op. 4        15Sep10
*Romanza in A major (Schumann)            30Sep13
*Rondino (Beethoven)       25Sep15     1943
*Rondino (Beethoven) simplified edition       31Dec1917      (From collection of four 'simplified' pieces)
*Rondo (Mozart)          30Sep13      1941
*Rondo  Schubert-Friedberg   1917    
*Rosary, The   (Ethelbert Nevin)  for vn & piano   21Nov17  Boston Music Co.       
*Sarabande & Allegretto (Corelli)        30Sep1913
*Scherzo (Dittersdorf)           15Sep10
Scherzo (Tchaikovsky)            (nb revised edition of 21Apr38 renewed)
Scherzo (from String Quartet, A Minor)
*Schön Rosmarin           1910     1930  
*Serenade Espagnole  (Chaminade)    Enoch and Son   1895   1915
Serenade Espagnole op. 20 no. 2 of Glazounow   (nb revised edition of 3Nov30 renewed)
*Sicilienne & Rigaudon  Francoeur       15Sep10
*Slavonic Dance No. 1 in G minor (Dvořák)     24Dec14  Simrock    M223  .D
*Slavonic Dance No. 2 in E minor  (Dvořák)     24Dec14  Simrock    M223  .D
*Slavonic Dance No. 3 in G major  (Dvořák)     24Dec14  Simrock    M223  .D
*Slavonic Fantasie in B minor  24Dec14  Simrock    M223  .D
*Slavonic Lament  Schuett-Friedberg
**Songs my Mother Taught me  (Dvořák)
*Spanish Dance (Granados)    19Nov15
**Streghe, Le  [ Witches' Dance ] op. 8 by Paganini   1905 Ernst Eulenberg  1932  C Fi  M221/.p28k8/op. 8     
*String Quartet--see *Quartet for strings
Study on a Chorale  (in the style of Stamitz)    Unaccompanied
*Tambourin Chinois  Op. 3          15Sep10   Foley, Schott
*Tambourin (Leclair)        30Sep13   Schott
*Tambourin (Rameau)    30Sep13   Schott
Tango  (Albeniz)
*Tempo di minuetto (Pugnani)         3Oct11  Schott   Foley 1911
*Toy Soldier's March              31Dec1917     Schott         (From collection of four 'simplified' pieces)
Trille du diable, Le  [Devil's Trill Sonata]  (Tartini)      1905 Ernst Eulenberg        M219   .t2k8
*Twelve Impressions No. 01 Larghetto Lamentoso  by Godowsky  vn edited by Kreisler  CF 1916
*Twelve Impressions No. 05 Poeme  by Godowsky  vn edited by Kreisler  CF 1916
*Twelve Impressions No. 10 Orientale  by Godowsky  vn edited by Kreisler  CF 1916
*Twelve Impressions No. 12 Viennese  by Godowsky  vn edited by Kreisler  CF 1916
*Variations on a theme of Corelli (Tartini)      15Sep10
*Viennese Melody   Gärtner    1915
Viennese Rhapsodic Fantasietta   
*VIOLIN-WERKE.  Bearbeitungen klassische manuskripte...      1910-11 Schott     M218   .k818
    *Allegretto (Boccherini)   *Andantino (Martini)    *Aubade Provençale (Couperin)
    *Chanson Louis XIII and Pavan (Couperin)     *Chasse, La (Cartier)
    *Grave (W. F. Bach)   *Liebesfreud    *Liebesleid     *Menuet (Porpora)
    *Precieuse (Couperin)   *Praeludium and Allegro (Pugnani)  *Preghiera (Martini)
    *Sicilienne & Rigaudon (Francoeur)    *Scherzo (Dittersdorf)   *Schön Rosmarin
    *Tempo di minuetto (Pugnani)   *Variations on a theme of Corelli (Tartini)
* Violin Teaching and Violin Study--Rules and Hints--for Teachers and Students--by EUGENE GRUENBERG with a preface by FRITZ KREISLER.  New York: Fischer, 1919
Witches' Dance   see  Streghe, Le


Caprice viennois for piano alone      1913 Schott     M38  .k
Drei Nachtgesänge  (voice & piano)    1922
Marriage Knot, The     31Dec19    
O salutaris (in Bb, for voice & pf)   21Feb16
O sanctissima    21Feb16
[other Ballads from the Scotch Minstrelsy identified on the cover of "Piper o' Dundee" some possibly not published:
"The Bonnie Earl o'MoRay";  "Leezie Lindsay" 6Dec1917;  "The Praise of Islay";  "Loch Lomond" 6Dec17.]
Serenade (arr of Jeral)  for Piano Trio    13Jan22
Two Songs by Fritz Kreisler      19Apr15  C Fi
    1.  Old Refrain, The    for voice & piano
    2.  *'Cradle Song'    [after Caprice Viennois]

*Klassische Manuskripte...for CELLO (violoncello) & piano       1910-11   Schott  [the next 8 items]:
    *Allegretto (Boccherini)   
    *Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane (Couperin)  
    *La Precieuse (Couperin)  
    *Scherzo (Dittersdorf)  
    *Schön Rosmarin  
    *Sicilienne et Rigaudon (Fancoeur)

[Also for cello and piano:  the Beethoven-Kreisler Rondino, but published after 1922.]


 C Fi = Carl Fischer, Inc;  Foley = Charles Foley, which is an imprint of Carl Fischer, Inc.;  if no publisher is shown, it is Carl Fischer or Foley.

Items with no asterisk are of publication date uncertain to the author of this list.

*These are on the Kreisler Public Domain CD created by John D. Howard.

**The Library of Congress' 1922 C Fi edition (dated on the actual copy "7/14/22") of 'Farewell to Cucullain' includes a Kreisler work/price list. Those pieces on this list that are not on the 'KREISLER CD' are double-asterisked above, and should exist in public domain editions.

 The "Tempo di Minuetto" is presented on the 'KREISLER CD' in both Schott and Foley editions for purposes of comparison, showing more editing-presumably by Kreisler!--in the Foley (hence a later edition than the Schott?), but also a major error in the location of a repeat sign (corrected on CD image.)  
Dates like '15Sep10'  are the copyright or copyright renewal date in the shorthand used by the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress [ ].  Example:  '15Sep10'  = '15 September 1910'.  Call letters for those editions found at the Performing Arts Reading Room in the Madison Building in Washington D.C. of the Library of Congress are also listed above.

Kreisler wrote many other works--songs, etc--both now in the public domain (published before 1923) and not in the public domain (such as, possibly, his candenzas to the Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Tchaikovsky & Viotti (#22) concerti).  Carl Fischer, Inc. in virtually every case has correctly renewed its copyrights for editions published after 1922.  This continues the copyright for quite some (ridiculous) time into the future.

 Authored by John D. Howard, 2004-6.  Disclaimer:  The information herein may be freely used, but accuracy is not guaranteed.  The author has made every effort toward truthfulness, but this paper is not guaranteed to be correct or accurate or complete in any respect.  See my website, , or check EBAY for  'KREISLER SHEET CD' for information on acquiring the 'KREISLER CD' at a nominal price.  Or, email me at: