Documents of many kinds can be made available to countless individuals via the internet at virtually no cost. But individuals first have to scan or otherwise convert these documents into a digital format.  In the sheet music realm the number of such documents thus available is very limited--and publishers seem to do every thing they can to conceal from the public the public domain (p.d.) status of much material.

An example is the reprinting by Carl Fischer of many of the works of Fritz Kreisler that are in the p.d. Fischer claims not only new (1990's) copyright but PERFORMING rights, when in fact the reprints differ from the originals only in minute respects, like a few added fingerings by Eric Wen. The public may be grateful for these new editions (really, reprints)--especially for the convenience of bound editions--but digital files of the public domain items will be useful to many people, especially teachers, and to those who for one reason or another cannot acquire the new 'reprints'.

The U. S. Congress' Copyright Law (Title 17) puts almost the whole burden of proof on the public to actually exercise its right to the public domain, which has, in recent years, been further eroded by Congress. But it is very clear that virtually anything published in the United States before 1923 is in the public domain.

The files on the accompanying compact disc of these public domain works (for violin & piano; voice, violin & piano; a few transcriptions for cello & piano) of Fritz Kreisler are varyingly in the formats tif and pdf. Except for the title page, which was not always available, covers (front or back, inside, etc.) were not scanned--except in a few cases, for their historical content--and a few were created. For example, a complete copy of just the piano part of LIEBESFREUD that includes 4 front, back & inside pages are included in the Kreisler Liebesfreud file.

THE LIST:  Pieces and Writings by, modified by, and/or edited by Fritz Kreisler available
on the "Kreisler Sheet Music CD 99 Pieces Violin Cello Piano" compiled by John D. Howard. 
The cd is usually available on eBay.

BACH, J. S.; Kreisler  Gavotte in E
BACH, W. F.; Kreisler  Grave
BEETHOVEN-KREISLER  Rondino  pf solo
BEETHOVEN-KREISLER  Rondino simplified ed
BRAHMS; Kreisler  Hungarian Dance No. 17 in f minor
CHAMINADE; Kreisler  Serenade Espagnole
CHOPIN; Kreisler  Mazurka in a minor
CORELLI; Kreisler  Sarabande & Allegretto
DE FALLA; Kreisler  Danse Espagnole
DVORAK; Kreisler  Humoreske
DVORAK; Kreisler  Indianisches Lament [from Sonatina for vn & pf]
DVORAK; Kreisler  Slavonic Dance No. 1 in g minor
DVORAK; Kreisler  Slavonic Dance No. 2 in e minor
DVORAK; Kreisler  Slavonic Dance No. 3 in G Major
DVORAK; Kreisler  Slavonic Fantasie in b minor
FOLDERS re FRITZ KREISLER (not sheet music)
    Collections of Kreisler in print 2004
    Historical sales sheets of Kreisler
    Photos of KREISLER
    GRUENBERG  Violin Teaching and Violin Study [complete]
    GRUENBERG  Violin Teaching Kreisler preface
    KREISLER  Four Weeks in the Trenches--The War Story of a Violinist.txt
GÄRTNER; Kreisler  Viennese Melody
GLUCK; Kreisler  Melodie [from Alceste]
GODOWSKY; Kreisler  Nocturnal Tangier
GODOWSKY  Twelve Impressions No. 01 Larghetto Lamentoso  vln edited by Kreisler
GODOWSKY  Twelve Impressions No. 05 Poeme  vln edited by Kreisler
GODOWSKY  Twelve Impressions No. 10 Orientale  vln edited by Kreisler
GODOWSKY  Twelve Impressions No. 12 Viennese  vln edited by Kreisler
GRANADOS; Kreisler  Spanish Dance in e
KRAKAUER; Kreisler  Paradise
KREISLER  Allegretto Boccherini
KREISLER  Allegretto Porpora
KREISLER  Andantino Martini
KREISLER  Aubade Provencale Couperin
KREISLER  Aucassin and Nicolette (Medieval Canzonetta)
KREISLER  Berceuse Romantique
KREISLER  Caprice Viennois op. 2
KREISLER  Caprice Viennois simplified ed
KREISLER  Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane Couperin
KREISLER  Chasse, La Cartier
KREISLER  'Cradle Song' from Two Songs for high voice & pf
KREISLER  Drei Nachtgesänge for low voice & piano Eichendorff
KREISLER  Farewell to Cucullain (Londonderry Air)
KREISLER  Liebesfreud
KREISLER  Liebesleid
KREISLER  Menuett Porpora
KREISLER  Old Refrain arr for piano solo
KREISLER  Old Refrain, The violin, piano 
KREISLER  Piper o' Dundee for high voice & pf--Ballads from the Scotch Minstrelsy
KREISLER  Polichinelle Serenade
KREISLER  Praeludium and Allegro
KREISLER  Précieuse, La   Couperin
KREISLER  Preghiera Martini
KREISLER  Recitativo and Scherzo op. 6 for violin alone
KREISLER  Romance op. 4
KREISLER  Scherzo Dittersdorf
KREISLER  Schön Rosmarin (Schoen Rosmarin)
KREISLER  String Quartet in a minor
KREISLER  Tambourin Chinois, op. 3
KREISLER  Tambourin Leclair
KREISLER  Tambourin Rameau
KREISLER  Tempo di Minuetto Pugnani
KREISLER  Toy Soldier's March
KREISLER-JACOBI   Apple Blossoms  operetta: piano-vocal score
LOGAN, F. K.; Kreisler  Pale Moon
MENDELSSOHN; Kreisler  Lied ohne Worte
MOZART; Kreisler  Rondo
NEVIN, Ethelbert; Kreisler  The Rosary
PADEREWSKI-KREISLER  Menuet aka Paraphrase on A Menuet...
PAGANINI; Kreisler  Caprice No. 13
PAGANINI; Kreisler  Caprice No. 20
PAGANINI; Kreisler  Caprice No. 24
PAGANINI; Kreisler  J Palpiti Op. 13 Theme with Variations
PAGANINI; Kreisler  La Clochette Op. 7 Rondo from 2nd Concerto in b
PAGANINI; Kreisler  Le Streghe Op. 8 Witches' Dances
PAGANINI; Kreisler  Moto Perpetuo [Perpetual Motion]
PAGANINI; Kreisler  Non più mesta Op. 12 Theme with Variations
RACHMANINOV; Kreisler  Oh cease thy Singing, Maiden Fair for voice, vn, pf  Rachmaninoff
RAVEL; Kreisler  Habanera
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV; Kreisler  Chanson Indoue
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV; Kreisler  Danse Orientale
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV; Kreisler  Hymn to the Sun
SCHUBERT; Friedberg; Kreisler  Rondo
SCHUBERT; Kreisler  Ballet Music from Rosamunde
SCHUBERT; Kreisler  Moment Musical
SCHUETT; Friedberg; Kreisler  Slavonic Lament
SCHUMANN, Robert; Kreisler  Romanza (Romance)
SCOTT, Cyril; Kreisler  Lotus Land
TARTINI; Kreisler  Fugue in A
TARTINI; Kreisler  Variations on a theme by Corelli
    KREISLER  Allegretto  Boccherini cello
    KREISLER  Andantino Martini cello
    KREISLER  Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane Couperin cello
    KREISLER  Liebesfreud cello
    KREISLER  Liebesleid cello
    KREISLER  Précieuse, La  Couperin cello
    KREISLER  Scherzo  Dittersdorf cello
    KREISLER  Schön Rosmarin cello
    KREISLER  Sicilienne and Rigaudon  Francoeur  cello
    cover for Kreisler 'Klassische Manuskripte' for cello Schott.pdf
WEBER; Kreisler  Larghetto
WHITE, C. C.; Kreisler  'Nobody Knows de Trouble I've Seen' [vn & pf]
WIENIAWSKI; Kreisler  Caprice in a minor
WIENIAWSKI; Kreisler  Caprice in Eb